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If Around the World.... has been negelected over the past 18 months or so, this is largely because work-wise I've been located in one place for an unusually long time.  As nice as Amsterdam is (and it's one of my favourite places ever), when I'm spending most of my time there working long hours on a project site and traveling home weekends, it means I'm not experiencing as much of the place as a casual visitor might, and hence have less to write about.

That's not to say the creative brain has atrophied in that time - the nature of my work won't allow that.  But increasingly the things that have seized my interest have not involved travel, so I've used another outlet for my writing.  LinkedIn offers a reasonable means through its long-post facility and I've published a number of essays there.  All to do with politics and business - and let's face it, there's been a LOT going on lately!  The global recesssion, general elections in the UK and elsewhere, the farcical Brexit referendum, the rise (and hopefully eventual fall) of the be-wigged Trump in the US......  it's all grist to the mill.


So this Section will contain further essays on those topics......
So....let's get started.......

Corbyn makes May's day

So Jeremy Corbyn has won a resounding victory in the Labour leadership contest.  Well, whoop-di-doop.  It comes as no surprise, I guess, because even if most of his Parliamentary colleagues think he is a walking disaster area, the majority of the Party membership love him to bits so the result was pretty much a foregone conclusion.  But it seems to me the big winners in this are Theresa May and the Conservative party, because the vote has probably guaranteed her a clean victory whenever she cares to call a General Election to rubber stamp with the population at large her own ascent to her party’s leadership in the wake of Cameron’s post-Brexit retirement.

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